The untouchable ones

They came in winter to a sky that pulsated purple greys: blushing brides in crisp, pink blues. I would be there, waiting, percolating in the heady cultural mix of art and artist; a moth ever drawn to their bright blooming flames. Each masterpiece was a welcome segue from the mundaneness of everyday public service life; … Continue reading The untouchable ones


Poem: Loose buttons

We think friendships are hard and shiny buttons sewn on tightly by motherly hands, ever enduring the impatient tugging of sticky fingers but some fall, ever so softly  slipping through the holes of velvety pockets —how fast their bloom faints and spectacularly their curtains fade in the countless turns of the meridian sun; while others … Continue reading Poem: Loose buttons

This is no ordinary lift: journeys in the tiniest lift you’ve ever seen

Scene: I am backpacking through Italy. It is a hot and stuffy day in Rome. I am tired, sweaty, hungry, and above all (and let's not kid ourselves, we've all been here before) really, really desperate for the bathroom. I had finally reached my accommodation after a four hour trip, and managed to hold it in (in silent … Continue reading This is no ordinary lift: journeys in the tiniest lift you’ve ever seen

The making of motherhood

A few months ago, I was honoured to be part of "The Making of Motherhood" run by Behind the Label [Telling stories. Changing minds], in partnership with TCK Town. I admit I was pretty nervous when my TCK Town editor Ava approached me about participating. You see, the night involved my mum and I asking questions we'd … Continue reading The making of motherhood

May your hard be gentle on you

I wish I could be there with you just to share some tea. I'm not sure if you'd prefer chamomile or lemon and ginger. Either way, something warm to lighten your heavy waters, soaked and glistening with a gentle kindness and honeyed sweetness. To make you feel, even for a few moments, the stillness of … Continue reading May your hard be gentle on you

To those who love me next x2

They said: speak to me of family. Family begins with blood but has no one language to anchor its stream. It flows into the patches of earth that greet your soldiering feet; its freedom only curtailed by your perception of distance and the depth of your journey. It is the cool water that welcomes your … Continue reading To those who love me next x2

To those who love me next

To those who love me next; You may caution me not to give love so freely; nor to so many. I know you do so because you love me, but remember the spring is blind to the colour of the outstretched hand and coarse earth to which it yields its drenched corpse to sea. in giving … Continue reading To those who love me next

Featured article: Aloo, Aloo Beirut

Jiddo*, I imagine you and teta* safely tucked away in the Chouf mountains, far away from the uncertainty of Beirut and the polluting noise of Simkanieh; past the old petrol store and the village mansion; sitting among the grapes, plums and pomegranates, on the patio of your three-storey house. I can picture you greeting each morning in comfortable monotony, teta … Continue reading Featured article: Aloo, Aloo Beirut

Weather my love

Baby, the weather of my love is changing, I see it in my skies, in the way their colours thaw as we move through our seasons, spinning rose yarns for our African birds to sing, flapping constellations flying deeper south; still  you say it’s too soon to believe in this fairy tale, you fear the … Continue reading Weather my love

As we move through our seasons

Change, our fickle friend. Whether it is a change in place, mind or mindset, change is an inevitable, natural and necessary part of life. While we often crave certainty, without change, how can we grow beyond a seedling? See life in all its colours and shades? Open our hearts to new ways of loving, our … Continue reading As we move through our seasons