Dear Norm

How will I remember you when I am gone? when I have forgotten you when I have forgotten myself Which threads of forty years togetherness will break apart and where will you be in what remains of my heart?   My darling Norm, I hate to say it but it’s true your Polka Dot’s strings … Continue reading Dear Norm


My TEDx talk on how we can radically change our relationships online

A year ago, I got frustrated with social media, by just how disconnected our relationships were, and how meaningless our conversations were becoming. I knew to be part of the solution, I needed to take action. So I posted one question on Facebook... and the rest was history! Click image to hear my 3 minute … Continue reading My TEDx talk on how we can radically change our relationships online

On (the Price of) Kindness

Pausing kindness…finding the right time to show kindness can be the most *helpful* kindness. A lovely reflection that I’d encourage you to read 🙂


When is it kinder to not to be kind?

It may seem counter-intuitive to even ask this question. How can I choose to not be kind in the name of kindness?

Doesn’t abstaining from a kind act automatically make it unkind?

We’ve all had to make choices like this before.

Usually, it’s because our acts of kindness have had no tangible, positive impact. It’s been used up by another person in a way we never intended. Or it’s come back to us in a form we never expected.

Maybe we rescued our loved one from psychological or financial struggle.

Maybe we covered the mistakes of our colleague at work when they were going through a rough time.

Or maybe we simply put aside our own happiness when we felt it was necessary.

These things start off innocently enough. We see an opportunity to help someone we care about, and we…

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On The Meaning of (My) Life

“…and what could be further from the meaning of life, than the absence of it?”
What a beautiful, sharp and thoughtful article. Great read.


We are all made of stars. Burning bright; burning out.

This phrase pops into my head a lot when I’m drifting off to sleep, especially when I feel overwhelmed by what my ‘place’ or ‘purpose’ in this world is.

After all, don’t we all struggle with questions like that?

Who am I? Why am I here? What is it all for?

The question becomes more urgent with each decade you throw back over your shoulder in successful progress towards… something.

Like most people, I collected my teens and threw them frantically over my shoulder, rushing into my twenties like they would release me from some imaginary prison.

Then I collected my twenties all too fast; hopping through landmines of insecurity to learn (very painfully) who I was and wasn’t; what I stood for, and what I stood against;  each explosion unraveling the falsities of who I thought I wanted to…

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Mental illness: Helping others, and ourselves

In the wake of recent high profile and really sad suicides, I've been seeing a lot of posts asking people to be the one to check in, rather than say: "I am here if you need me". Posts like this: And of course, we do need to be better at checking in on each other, and build … Continue reading Mental illness: Helping others, and ourselves

Do role models have to be good people?

As usual, I posed this question to my inner circle, wanting to better understand how role models come to exist in our lives, and why we react so strongly when they let us down. Could it be that, at some subconscious level, we believe role models have to be "good" people? Their answer, perhaps surprisingly, was … Continue reading Do role models have to be good people?

Why does happiness require so much effort?

Our Western obsession with happiness causes so much unnecessary suffering. We need to see happiness for what it truly is: a fleeting emotion. We simply cannot be happy at all times and remain true to our authentic selves. Forcing ourselves to be happy when we're not only makes us feel worse. It may even come … Continue reading Why does happiness require so much effort?

Spotting fake news

A few days ago, we talked about how to avoid #clickbait culture, but what about fake news? Here are my tips :). If you don't want #fakenews, learn how to spot it: 1. Don't attach any weight to news about topics you have little understanding of 2. Figure out your biases and play devil's advocate when … Continue reading Spotting fake news

Taming the beast that is social media

Two years ago, I got fed up with social media #clickbait culture. But instead of deleting my account, I started a little experiment: once in a while, I'd ask a question—with no context whatsoever—and wait. Initially, only highly active and frequent contributors responded. But over time, I got comments from people I hadn't heard from in … Continue reading Taming the beast that is social media

I am not always the right person to help…

I am not always the right person to help. I am learning this lesson slowly. It is both humbling and empowering to remind myself that there is much in this world that I am yet to know, or will ever know. And by extension, I will not always have the necessary insight or experience for … Continue reading I am not always the right person to help…