We talk about worth

Let go of the how and believe in the why;
acquaint yourself with the uncertainty of following yourself inwards;
find the gift you bring to this world and wrap yourself in its velvety undertones, be guided down its asymmetric path by the innate knowledge that everything you do has a purpose, or can be made with the intention of being the very best version of yourself you can be.

Paint your world beyond the billowing blanketed edges of your canvas.

Dare to see beyond the mush of oil that misses and splays,
beyond its defiant creasing of your hedged fences,
beyond the ‘ideal’
to reveal the pauper
that stands behind these papered perfections.

Dip into the gnawing knots of that first stroke
and splash out the blinding madness of your vision.

‘Be’ that real untamed beauty – that worth, that value – you bring to the lives of others.

Surrender more of yourself than the teaspoons offered in moments of vulnerability.

Be the beacon that lights the path of others who do not yet know their own.

For even in darkness, the sky shines brightly when embraced by a starry night, and grows dreamy by the trains that tuft and puff creamed swirls across the pink-red blushes of its strawberry kissed cheeks.


Inspired by:

Van Gogh’s Starry Night painted on dark water by Garip Ay:


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