Poem: Ask my why

This month is National Poetry month, and the challenge I have is to write a poem every day. So far I’ve missed a few, but here’s one I wrote in response to the prompt to write a poem about romantic love, with the catch that the first and last line must be the same.

Really enjoyed writing this piece, as I often write about the ‘heavier’ emotions :).

Happy reading!

Ask me why

Ask me why
the snow falls in summer,
why the wind that uproots sand and clay,
is the very same that
gently brushes and flutes
soliloquies through the
earth’s rice and bamboo.

Ask me why
the day lets go of night,
why the sky that holds Aladdin caves
so tightly in its bosom
is the very same that
curtain peeks its
mysteries into our dreaming.

Ask me why
the elephant forgets,
why the ant that bears mountains
on its shoulders
is the very same that
sweeps away with the smallest drip of a leaking tap.

Ask me why
the sun shies away from the moon,
why the steady hand that patiently brews
and pours cardamon into your coffee,
is the very same that
trembles and folds
inwards at your slightest orbit.

Ask me why.

Farah Beaini © 2016.

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