In me, I trust

Be your own advocate.
I have had literally 100s of pieces of advice hurled at me since I started getting sick, and none have come as close to being meaningful and life-affirming to me as this sage piece of advice from my wonderful friend Sharon Babyack.
Because no one knows your whole bits and hole bits better than yourself. No one but you knows where the band-aids have accumulated, where the hurt sleeps at night, whether that hurt is emotional or physical. So who better than you to steer the course of your healing?
But here is the irony. I know from personal experience that I am my very worst enemy. I am the one who does not say ‘yes’ to me, when if it were anyone else, that ‘yes’ would come so naturally. And if I were to be perfectly honest with you, that has been the hardest part to deal with: learning to advocate ‘me’ to myself so that I can face endless (repetitive) questionnaires and scans from doctors; to learn to see myself as beyond a ‘problem’ that needs to be tested, prodded and ‘fixed’; to find the ‘whole’ in the ‘hole’ – for it is in the cracks that light and life often find their way. Sometimes learning this does not automatically come from within, so try to find ways to steer yourself to thoughts, conversation and people who will help you find your way.

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