For Sue-Anne & Mark

One of the biggest gifts of poetry is that I can write something beautiful from the heart for those whom I love the most. I wrote this wedding poem for one of my closest friends, someone who has seen both my highs and lows, who loves me warts and all, and constantly inspires me through her strength and perseverance. Sue-Anne, you are one of the strongest women I know. Mark, welcome to the family.

For Sue-Anne & Mark

When the surgeon’s hand
grows unsteady,
and the cook’s tongue
can not taste.

When reality
cements rigid
and dreams
belly ache.

When anxiety
sings its melody,
and doubt
origamis pain.

When the child
stops asking questions,
and breasts sag
below the waist.

When memory
becomes distant,
and conversation
grows faint.

When her hurt can’t stop hurting,
and his nights can’t turn to day;
there you’ll be waiting,
hand in hand, you’ll find your way.

She’ll tackle this world with you,
be the Bonnie to your Clyde,
and turn your love into
her very own magical carpet ride.

Because from the very first moment
she met you
you swept her off her feet,
and you could not wait to make her
your very own
Mrs Chema-Ly.


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