Osmotic space

It was 7:00 pm, yet light had not given up on me, filtering its way through my blinds until I finally succumbed and went outside to greet my own spirituality.

As I walked across to the nearby oval, I saw a familiar sight: a lady practicing tai chi; entranced in her dance with the elements around her, her slender frame coated velvet by the changing night sky.

Half hypnotised, I reluctantly continued my walk. But before I got too far, I spotted a brother leave his taxi and take his prayer matt out to the oval. Rhythmically, he went through the rituals and traditions to greet his Creator, rituals I had watched so many times as a child in Saudi Arabia.

There is nothing more beautiful than feeling a moment of disconnected connectedness with the world around you and all those in it – knowing that while our outward expression of faith, love and all the emotions we carry may be different, the space between us is and always will be osmotic, no matter what people may lead you to believe.




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