The chronicles of chronic pain


Try to go to sleep. Pain.
Flip around. Pain.
Try the other side. Pain.
Use a pillow. Pain.
Flip around. Pain.
Flip around. Pain.
Flip around. Pain.
It’s only 3:00am. Pain.
I can’t take it anymore. Pain.
It’s only 5:00am. Pain.
Wake up. Pain.
Stand up. Pain.
Weak. Pain.
Walk. Pain.
Lift your arm up. Pain.
Lift your other arm up. Pain.
Shower. Pain.
Bend down. Pain.
Get changed. Pain.
Exhausted. Pain.
Sit. Pain.
Lie down. Pain.
Rest. Pain.
Go out for a coffee with friends. Pain.
Wince. Pain.
Are you ok? Pain.
Yeah, am just tired. Pain.
I’m worried about you. Pain.
I know. Pain.
Take it easy. Pain.
I love you. Pain.
I love you too. Pain.
Enjoy the playful sun as it strokes your back. Pain.
Draw. Pain.
Laughing. Pain.
Hurting. Pain.
Painful. Pain.
Fire. Pain.
Immerse yourself in jazzy blues. Pain.
Watch shooting stars light up the city night. Pain.
Life is so beautiful. Pain.
I am so happy. Pain.
Smiling. Pain.
Good night. Pain.
And repeat.


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