New poem added to roll call!

Wow, I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to write a poem in time for the poetry challenge.

Almost  a week ago, I posted about my experience at the Slamalama ‘Open the circle’ workshop. At the end of the workshop, Michelle wanted us to write a poem using concepts we learnt throughout the day. We would then present the poem on 28 June in a sharing session with more seasoned poets.

Funnily enough, it was Michelle’s own words that triggered the themes I wrote about during the day. She had urged us to ‘remember the shoulders which we stood on’. I felt myself immediately resist those words; for the past few years, it was my shoulders that others have stood on. This led me to explore during the session my feelings towards where I came from and where I wanted to be, culminating in my poem: ‘Where the lost children play‘.

Let me know what you think and more importantly, wish me luck! :).


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