Of Beginnings

Autumn in ToorakJanuary is such a funny time of year. To me, it is like the beginning of autumn. The shadows of the year past cling on like leaves in the month’s twilight days, hanging on defiantly, unwilling to step aside and make way for the new.

Slowly, surely, the passing of time blows forcefully, and their auburn frames crisp and fade, embers in the wind of life’s uncontainable force. While we may clutch on to their memories, they are impermanent and eventually, we too shall join them. But, with each passing day of the month, new memories we make, and with them, our own resolutions, thoughts and reflections; a moral compass to guide us through the incoming months, convincing ourselves that this year will be different.

As I write this, I think am trying to be like those leaves, hoping that I will be the last one surviving, clutching on to some of the embers of the last months of 2013. I know what I am really trying to cling to are the lessons I have learnt, more than the year itself. This blog, I feel, will help me get there and keep me true to the words I write.

So while I live in Australia, and I am no where near Autumn (in fact, it will be 40 degrees-ish for the next week 😦 ), I will frame the lessons etched on my auburn leaves in the pages of this blog, and throw my fears into the wind of life’s uncontainable force.


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